Who Were These People

Who Were These People?  Chism Cemetery

By Rosemary Chism Jordan

Great, great, great granddaughter of  William and Sarrah Wooldridge Chism.

With thanks to Melba Duckels Wood, Marian Chism Haven and many other members of the family who helped compile this information.  Some spelling errors were unavoidable.

Chism Cemetery is located  in Western Mound Township in Macoupin County, Illinois. A little background:

William was born in Virginia on Dec.12, in either 1798 or 1800.  Sarah Wooldridge was born on Mar. 15, 1801.  They lived in Hardin and Grayson Counties in Kentucky.

William and Sarah had at least 10 children:  They were:

1.  John Marion (buried in third row from the east).
John and Rachel (Skeen) Chism married November 13, 1844. We know of 12 children:

     1. A.William is buried in the first row

     1.B. James is buried at the south end of the second row

     1.C. Horace buried just south of his parents.

     1.D. Amos buried further south in this row.

     1.E. Sarah Adelaide buried at the end of the first row

     1.F. Cecelia was married to George Rhoads

     1.G Ella was married to Ira Ketchum

     1.H. Susan – born July 21, 1862, was married to Mansford Bevers

     1.I. Emma – born Aug. 11, 1867 was married to Garner Rhine

     1.J. Catherine – born Oct. 23, 1866, was married to Rollie Rhine

     1.K. John Marion – born Feb. 19, 1869, was married to Mabel Whitfield

     1.L. Clara – born July 24, 1871 was married to Fountain Brown; later married R. E. Carter

2. Susan Ann buried to the north a few graves from her parents

3. Thomas buried in the fourth row. Thomas and Elizabeth (Johnson) married January 20, 1848.  They had at least two children.

     3. A. Harvey born 11-11-1855; died 11-28-1922 buried in Stults Cemetery in Macoupin Co. was married to Amanda Elizabeth (Stults) they had at least five children: 1.  Nina b. on 22 Oct. 1887; 2.  Minnie b. on 3 March 1885; d. on 25 Sep. 1968 in Palmyra, 83 years old; bur. in OakHillCemetery, Macoupin County, Illinois, 3.  Charlie b. on 3 May 1890 in Macoupin County, Illinois; 4.  Ernest b. on 13 July 1892 and 5.  Frank Harvey b. on 26 Feb.1895 in Palmyra, Macoupin, IL

     3.B. Mary Susan b. about 1848 in Macoupin County, Illinois was married to Christopher Aden

4. Mary Jane: a stone for three of her children is placed in the third row of the cemetery.

5. Elizabeth

6. Gabriel buried near the south end of the second row. Gabriel and Lucretia Skaggs married      April 16, 1851.  They had at least five children.

6.A. Lizzie Sarah – was married to Charles Benjamin Armour

6.B. Rufus is buried just to the north.

6.C. Lewis is buried just north of Rufus

6.D. Lillie Lucretia is buried at the end of this row.

6.E. John whose wife’s name is not known: May have had four children.

Possibly: 6.E.(1)Gabriel, 6.E.(2)Frank, 6.E.(3)Oris and 6.E.(4)Billie

7. Robert married to Catherine Bessie Skaggs; later married Helen Eubank Reed.

8. Lucinda Cinderella married George Holliday. They are reported to have had six children:  The boys were Willie, George, Henry and Albert and the girls were Susie and Nanny.


9. Manoah Bostwick buried in the first row. Manoah was married to Sarah Lilah (Heaton) Chism had at least four children.

9.A. Alex – who died at six-months and was the first stone noted.

9.B. Rosie was married to Oliver Morrow

9.C. George

9.D. Allen Carey (A.C.) is buried at the beginning of this row. Wife is Annettie L.

10. Sarah was married to Daniel Shirley

The Chism Cemetery is in one of the farthest south and west sections of Western Mound Township in Macoupin County west-central Illinois.  The cemetery is on a hill east of the Rockbridge Road.

Various histories and story tellers say that William Chism came to Illinois in 1829.  Melba Duckels Wood noted that her research showed William Chism was born December 12, 1798, died March 11, 1857.  He was married to Sarrah Wooldridge.  Sarrah had been born on March 15, 1801, and died May 26, 1852.  They were early Clark County, Virginia, pioneers (1818).  William and Sarrah also lived in Hardin and Grayson Counties, Kentucky.  William was a pioneer farmer and innkeeper.  Macoupin County history notes that they were among the first farm owners in the county.  We believe they came to the area even earlier than 1829, but couldn’t “make-it”.

The oldest marked graves are not on an edge of the cemetery.  I believe the most logical way to describe the locations is to begin in a corner and work across.  So, let us walk across the cemetery from the gate in the white three-rail fence’s west side to the north-east corner, and begin on the north.


The first stone has printed on it:


Son of

M.B. and S.



Aug. 8, 1864

Aged 6 mths, 2 ds

Alex was an infant son of Manoah Bostwich Chism and Sarah Lilah Heaton Chism.  He died after his grandparents, is laid to rest quite some distance from them.

            The location of graves is interesting.  Alex is actually the thirteenth recorded grave marker. If we step south we find the next grave.


Annettie L.                             Allen Carey

1870 – 1934                            1862 – 1932

Annettie Loper (whose name was actually Ann Nettie) was born September 15, 1870.  She died on November 3, 1934.  #9.D.Allen Carey (whose name was actually Alan) was born on December 20, 1861.  He died on August 2, 1933.  Alan was the son of Manoah B. and Sarah (Heaton) Chism.  He is grandson of William and Sarrah.  Ann Nettie and Alan were married on November 19, 18?? in Macoupin Co.  Their grave is next to Alex’s, Alan’s younger brother.

The picture below is of Allen Carey and Annettie.  They lived to be 70 and 64.

Allen Carey

Ann Nettie and Alan had at least five children.

9.D. (1) Della W.   – 1898.  She is buried at the north end in the fourth row.

9.D. (2) Frank Manoah:  1890 – 1960. He is buried in the fifth row.

9.D. (3) Henry Adrian – who married Nina Wade.  They had five children.

9.D. (4) Floyd Blackburn – who married Aline Marie Loveless.  They had two children.

9.D. (5) Evelyn Arrie – who married James Trill.  They had one child.

The third tombstone is for #9 Manoah and Sarah Chism. 


Manoah B.

July 24, 1831

Aug. 29, 1862

Sarah his wife

Feb. 19, 1830

Feb. 12, 1911


Manoah Bostwick was the son of William and Sarrah (Wooldridge) Chism. William and Sarrah had settled only a year of so before he was born.

Manoah and his wife Sarah Lilah (Heaton) Chism had four children.

9. A. Alex – who died at six-months and was the first stone noted.

9.B. Rosie – who married Oliver Marrow and had Loyal and Mildred.

9.C. George – who married Ida Marshal, but later married his mother-in-law.

9.D. Allen Carrie (A.C.) – who married Annettie Loper ( see above)

Below is a picture of Sarah (called Sally) and her daughter Rosie.  Manoah died at 31, Sarah (Heaton) lived to be 81.Sarah and Rosie

The fourth tombstone belongs to #1.A.William and Mary E. (Haynes) Chism. William had died four years before Mary on September 15, 1916. Mary died of cerebral hemorrhage on September 4, 1920.    William was the oldest son of John Marion and Rachael Eleandor (Skeen) Chism.


Mary E.                      William

1848 – 1920                1847 – 1916


William and Mary had at least eight children.

1.A. (1) French, – born 1869, died 1956. – He married Augusta Hall.  They had one child, 1.A.(1.a)Anita.   (French, Augusta, and Anita were eventually buried in this cemetery)

1.A.(2) James A. – born Dec. 20, 1871, died Dec. 30 1871.  He is buried in the next grave.

1.A.(3) Thomas E. – born Dec. 7, 1872, died Mar. 27, 1948.  – He married Abiah Sylvia (Towse).  They had three children:  1.A. (3.a.)Stella, (1.A.(3.b.)Milton, and 1.A.(3.c.) Mary. (Thomas is buried at Chesterfield Cemetery) (Milton is buried at Keller Cemetery)

1.A. (4)Charles Adam, – born 1875, died 1947.  – He married Mary Olive (Tim) Kidd.  They had three children: 1.A.(4.a) Charles William (Billy), 1.A.(4.b.)Marian Hatibel, and 1.A.(4.c.)Chester Thomas (Tom). Charles, Tim, Billy, and Tom were all eventually buried in this cemetery.

1.A.(5) Nora, – born November 8, 1879, died September 29, 1888. (Buried in this cemetery just two graves south)

1.A.(6) Nellie, – born Sept. 17, 1882, died July 27, 1905. She married Arthur Rich. (She is buried in this cemetery)

1.A.(7) William Richard, married Agnes Ryan.  Buried in Medora Cemetery.

1.A.(8)Lester, (Pete) – born July 18, 1889, died April 5, 1924.  He married Selina Wright.  They had two children: 1.A.(8.a)Pete and 1.A.(8.b)Wayne (Chick).  All are buried in the Medora Cemetery.

     The family posed for the next picture around 1896 or ‘97.  The family calls it the “Goat Cart” picture.  The picture was taken while the family gathered on the east side of the house. The house was located west of Chesterfield on the Rockbridge Road. The property is currently owned by Bill and Kay (Chism) Gahr.  Susan Kay’s grandfather was 1.A.(3)Thomas E.  Her father was 1.A.(3.b)Thomas Milton.

The Chism’s didn’t build this house originally.  They bought it from the Ebbetison’s.  In April of 1880 or 1881 a huge storm hit the area.  When the older people talked of it some called it a “cyclone.”  The brick home was very seriously damaged.  The entire first floor remained intact, but most of the upper level and the roof were gone.  One of the Ebbetison children was blown across the yard during the storm.  As an elderly resident in a nursing home she still remembered the storm.  She said, “The hired hand grabbed my skirt and held me down in the blackberry brambles until the storm passed.”  She stated that her father didn’t have time to make the bricks to build the house back.  “It was spring.”  He just got some lumber and made the top of the house wood above the existing brick first floor. It is said he owned a saw mill.

Another local story involved Mary Haynes Chism’s brother and his wife.  They lived about a mile west. Apparently, when the storm came through, Mrs. Haynes either ran out of the house, or was blown out.  Her husband Abner tried to grab her and hold on to her, but while he was able to hold on to their new baby, his wife was blown away.  They found her later in a ditch.

Goat Cart

This is the (currently) famous Goat Cart picture.  Dick Chism is sitting in the cart.  Anita and Stella are sitting in their Grandmother Mary’s lap.  Pete is standing next to Grandpa William.  The other woman in the row is Stella’s mother, Abiah Sylvia (Towse).  In the back row are Nellie, French (whose wife, Augusta, died in 1893), Charlie, and Tom (standing behind his wife).

The grave next to William and Mary’s is their son, James.

James A.

Son of W. & M.E.


Dec. 30, 1871

Records indicate that James died at 10 days old.  The next grave is his nearly nine-year-old sister’s.


Dau. Of

William and Mary E.


Nov. 8, 1879


Sept. 29, 1888

The picture below was taken around 1887.  Nora is in the center of the picture.  Nellie is in front of her, Dick is on their father’s lap.  Charlie is behind Dick, John French is standing in the center back and Thomas is standing behind their mother.

Pete wasn’t born until 1889.

William & Mary 1889

The last grave in the row belongs to John and Sarah Adelaid Stotler.  Sarah was a daughter of John Marion and Rachael Eleandor (Skeen) Chism.


John I. Stotler

Nov. 13, 1844


Sarah A. Chism

Dec. 15, 1852

April 18, 1928


John and #1.E. Sarah had one child.  His name was #1.E(1)Edward – who married Minnie Tongate and later married Flora Whitfield.  Edward had three children:  Aurelia, Fontaine (Fonny), and Harold.  Aurelia married Lloyd Well in 1938.  They had four children:  Donald, Carole, Barbara, and Marsha.  Fontaine died in 1994.  Harold died in 1985.

Stotler Reunion

According to the writing on the picture, John and #1.E Sarah Adelaid Stotler are in the center of the picture with pictures of her parents (John and Rachel Chism) behind them.  From the left: 1.I. Emma and Gardner Rhine; 1.J.Catherine (Kate) and Rollie Rhine (seated); George and 1.F.Cecelia Rhoads; 1.A.William (seated) and Mary Chism; John and Sarah;  their mother Rachel (Skeen) Chism (seated); 1.E.(1)Charlie Rhine (the child); 1.K.Johnny Chism (seated); 1.H. Susan and Manford Beavers; 1.G. Ella and Ira Ketchum (seated); and Fountain and 1.L.Clara Brown.  FYI; While John and Rachel had 12 children three boys didn’t survive.  The other two (William and Johnny) are seated on either side of her in the picture.

The second row, from the east, also begins with a child’s grave.

Lillie M.

daughter of

J. & R. Chism

Died Feb. 19, 1879


11 Days

1.B.(1) Lillie was the daughter of James and Rebecca (Ketchum) Chism, granddaughter to John and Rachel.

Lewis Elmer


Born July 4, 1878

Died Jan. 10, 1902

Gone but not forgotten


Ironically: so far, all I know about this 23 – year – old Lewis Elmer is that he was married and that he died of pneumonia.


Son of

G.&.L Chism


Jan. 19, 1878


20 yrs, 5 mths, 6ds

This #6.C. Lewis was the son of #6. Gabriel and Lucretia (Skaggs) Chism.  Grandson of William and Sarrah.

Lewis’ brother, #6.B. Rufus, is in the next grave.



Dec. 21, 1851


Aug. 16, 1866


Lewis, and Rufus’ parents are buried in the next grave followed by their sister, Lillie.

Gabriel Chism

1829 – 1880

His wife

Lucretia Skaggs

1829 – 1923



Gabriel was the son of William and Sarrah (Wooldridge) Chism.  He was born in Kentucky. He and Lucretia were married April 16, 1851.

He died Mar. 24, 1880 of typhoid pneumonia.  They had at least five children.

6.A. Lizzie Sarah – who married Charles Benjamin Armour

6.B. Rufus – who died while he was 15. He is buried just to the north.

6.C. Lewis – who died while he was 20.  He is buried just north of Rufus.

6.D. Lillie Lucretia – who died while she was 6.  She is buried at the end of this row.

6.E. John – who may have children named: Gabriel, Frank, Oris, and Billie.

Lucretia Chism

Lucretia Chism is in the lower left corner of the picture.  Others in this picture are (front from left) Sarah Haynes, Rachel Skeen Chism, unknown, Sally Chism, unknown.  In the back, (from left) is an unknown person, Rebecca Ketchum Chism, Sylvia Dews, unknown, unknown, and unknown.

Completing the second row is 6.D. Lillie Chism’s grave.

Come to Me


Daughter of

Gabriel & Lucretia



Feb.   1850


July 1856

We will meet again.


The next picture was taken at John Chism’s, 1 mile north of Medora in about 1896.  Some of the people are identified on the back of the picture.  By using the picture taken of John and Rachelle’s family along with the partial identification written at a later date on the back of the picture we think they are: (from the back and second to back rows)  John & #1.E. Sarah Adelaide Chism, George & 1.F. Cecilia Rhoads, Ira & 1.G. Ella Ketchum, 1.H. Susan Bevers, 1.A.(6) Nellie & Arthur Rich, 1.I Emma Rhine, 1.J. Kate & Rolly Rhine, 1.L. Clara & Fontaine Brown,  Possibly 1.A.(7.a.)Dick Chism, 1.A.(4) Charlie Chism, Melba & 1.K. John Chism, Abiah & 1.A.(3.)Tom Chism, (Abiah is in front of John Chism) Rebecca K. & 1.B. Jim Chism, 1.A.(1) French Chism, Mary & 1.A.William Chism. (The young man behind Mary and William is probably 1.A.(8) Pete),  1.K.John Chism .

The older ladies in the chairs include (from the left): ___________, _Lucretia Chism, _Sally Chism_, _Rachel S. Chism_, _______________, ______________, Sarah Haynes.  I”m guessing the couple at the end of the row is Hope and 1.K (3) Johnny Chism and that they are holding or have Inez, June, Virginia, John and Clifford near them.

Johnnie Chism Reuion


The third row from the east side of the cemetery begins with a rather large stone.


Rachele E                                           John

Skeen wife

Born                                                   Born

Oct. 22, 1825                                      Oct. 12, 1820

Died                                                    Died

July 24, 1922                                      Feb. 2, 1881


#1.John Marion Chism was the eldest son of William and Sarrah (Wooldridge) Chism. Rachele Eleandor Skeen was a daughter of John Anderson Skeen and Judy Brown. John and Rachele were married on November 13, 1844.

John and Rachele had at least 12 children.

1.A. William – born Aug. 20, 1847 was married to Mary Haynes and had 1.A.(1)French, 1.A.(2)James, 1.A.(3)Thomas, 1.A.(4)Charles, 1.A.(5)Nora, 1.A.(6)Nellie,  1.A.(7)William Richard (Dick), and 1.A.(8)Lester (Pete).  (William and Mary are buried in the first row)

1.B.James – born Feb. 23, 1949 was married to Rebecca Ketchum. (They are buried at the south end of the second row)

1.C. Horace – born 1855, (Buried just south of his parents.)

1.D. Amos – born 1857, (Buried further south in this row.)

1.E. Sarah Adelaide – born Dec. 15, 1852, was married to John Stotler (buried at the end of the first row)

1.F. Cecelia – born Oct. 31, 1856, was married to George W. Rhoads

1.G. Ella – born June11, 1860, was married to Ira Ketcham

1.H. Susan – born July 21, 1862, was married to Mansford Bevers

1.I. Emma – born Aug. 11, 1867 was married to Garner Rhine

1.J. Catherine – born Oct. 23, 1866, was married to Rollie Rhine

1.K. John Marion – born Feb. 19, 1869, was married to Mabel Whitfield

1.L. Clara – born July 24, 1871 was married to Fountain Brown; married R. E. Carter

John Marion and Rachel

John & Rachel's daughters

These are John and Rachele’s daughtersFront row, from left: 1.L. Clara Chism Brown,  1.J. Catherine (Kate) Chism Rhine, 1.I. Emma Chism Rhine, 1.H. Susan Chism Bevers, back row from left: 1.E.Sarah Adilaide Chism Stottler, 1.F. Cecelia Chism Rhoads and 1.G.Ella Chism Ketchim. (FYI: These sisters usually manage to pose for pictures in some kind of birth order. It makes photo identification easier.)


Son of J. & R.E. Chism


May 22, 1858

Aged 3 yrs, 5ms, 9ds

This stone is very hard to read and the assumption of the name “Horace” is based on the knowledge that 1.C.Horace died in infancy.



Dau. Of

W. & S. Chism

Died March 18, 1842

Aged About 3 yrs.

This must be the stone for a daughter of William and Sarrah (Wooldridge) Chism.  If we believed all the graves were marked, we might assume this is the first grave placed in the cemetery.


Son of J. & R.E. Chism


Oct. 12 1857


1.D.Amos was the infant son of John Marion and Rachael Eleandor (Skeen) Chism.  The stone was broken and mended.  His age can no longer be read.  He was born in 1857.


Earnest & Ester

Children of

Mary Chism


These children must belong to #4Mary Jane (Chism) Barrows.  Mary Jane was one of William and Sarrah (Wooldridge) Chism’s children.  The story is that a man came from Kansas and put the stone down.  No one is sure where in the cemetery these children actually rest.  Mary J. Chism married Austin S. Barrows on Nov. 19, 1840.  Other children belonging to Mary Jane and Austin are: Hardin, Will, Matilda, Louis, Rufus, Amos, Ed, Mary, and Susie.

This completes the third row.


The fourth row from the east in the ChismCemetery begins with:

Della W.

Daughter of

A.C. and Annetta



#9.D.(1) Della was the daughter of Allen Carey and Annettie (Loper) Chism.

Thomas Chism

Mar. 26, 1823

Elizabeth Johnson

#3. Thomas was the son of William and Sarrah W. Chism.  He was born on the date on the stone.  He married Elizabeth Johnson on Jan. 20, 1848.

Thomas and Elizabeth had at least two children.

#3.A.Harvey: married Lizzie Stults. They had 3.A.(1)Nina,3.A.(2) Minnie, 3.A.(3)Charlie, 3.A.(4)Ernest, and 3.A.(5)Frank.

#3.B.Mary Susan: married Christopher Aden in 1870.

Susan A.



Mar. 1, 1822


Dec. 4, 1908

She hath done what she could

#2.Susan was the blind daughter of William and Sarrah W. Chism. The story is she was carrying scissors and fell.

The next two stones are for the earliest pioneers buried in the family cemetery.  They are the parents or grandparents of almost everyone else.


Wife of W. Chism

Died Mar. 26, 1852

Aged 57 yrs

2 mths  ds.

Her name is most often spelled Sarrah, but on the stone it is spelled Sarah.

William Chism

Mar. 11, 1857

Aged 58 yrs.

William was born in Virginia on Dec.12, in either 1798 or 1800.  Sarrah Wooldridge was born on Mar. 15, 1801.  They lived in Hardin and GraysonCounties in Kentucky.

William and Sarah had at least 10 children

#1.John Marion, born Oct. 12, 1820 in Hardin Co., KY, died 1881, married Rachael Eleandor Skeen on 11-13-1844.  They are buried in third row.

#2.Susan Ann, born Mar. 1, 1822, died Dec. 4, 1908, buried to the north a few graves from her parents.

#3.Thomas, born Mar. 26, 1823 in KY, married Elizabeth Johnson on 1-20-1848.

#4.Mary Jane, born Dec. 25, 1825, married Osten Barrows on 11-19-1840. Three of her children are buried in this cemetery.

#5.Elizabeth, born Nov. 26, 1827, married Robert Pepperdine on 10-27-1847.

#6.Gabriel, born Aug. 9, 1829 in KY, married Lucretia Skaggs on 4-16-1851. They are buried near the south end of the second row.

#7 Robert, born June 25, 1831 in KY, married Catherine Bessie Skaggs on 1-20-1848 (if she was also called Kitty Ann); later he married Helen Eubank Reed

#8.Lusenda Cinderella, born Feb. 18, 1833, married George Holliday 4-15-18 http://www.rootsweb.com/~ilmacoup/history/m_histry.htm

#9. Manoah Bostwick, born July 27, 1835, married Sarah Lilah (Heaton). They are buried in the first row.

#10. Sarah, born Mar. 31, 1839, married Daniel Shirley

Nellie E. Lawson

Wife of

Arthur Chism

1878 – 1895

1.B. (2) Arthur was a son of 1.B.James and Rebecca (Ketchum) Chism:  grandson of John M. and Rachael E. (Skeen) Chism; and great grandson of William and Sarrah W. Chism.  Arthur and Nellie had one child. 1.B.(2.a.)Leta – She married Walter Wheat.  They had Carl and Arthur.



Arthur Chism had a sister, #1.B.(7) Alice Ann.  She married William Stone.  Their other children include:Verna: married Walter Schaefer.  They had 1.B.(7.a.)Helen, 1.B.(7.b.)Bob, and 1.B.(7.c.)Alice. 1.B.(7.d.)Lloyd: married Cleda McPheron, 1.B.(7.e.)Eldon: married Imogine Cope.  They had Charlotte, Kenneth, and Donna.  He married Juanita Mourning.  They had one child.

This completes the fourth row of the cemetery.

The fifth row, from the east begins on the north with:

Frank M. Chism

1890 – 1960

Son of A.C. and Annetta

#9.D.(2)Frank Manoah was the son of Allen Carrie and Annette (Loper) Chism (second grave).  Frank’s grandparents were Manoah and Sarah Lilah (Heaton) Chism  (third grave) and his great grandparents were William and Sarrah (Wooldridge) Chism (fourth grave in the fourth row)

Virgil Vivion

Son of Fountain and Clara M.


Born Oct. 7, 1852

Died Aug. 1893

1.L.(1)Virgil was the son of Fountain and Clara Chism Brown.  He was the grandson of John and Rachael (Skeen) Chism and the great grandson of William and Sarrah W. Chism.

Inf. Dau. Of

J.M. and M.C. Chism

Mar. 20, 1914

This is probably the child of John Marion and Mabel (Whitfield) Chism.  This John was the son of John and Rachael (Skeen) Chism, and so the child was the great granddaughter of William and Sarrah W. Chism.

Of the approximately 46 graves marked in this cemetery, at least 17 died before they turned 18.

Marian Haven
 July 31, 1919

September 17, 2014



Harold Haven

Aug. 19, 1920

June 26, 1985


Harold was married to #1.A.(4.b) Marian Hatibel (Chism) Haven.  Marian is the daughter of #1.A(4) Charles Adam and Mary Olive (Kidd) Chism.  Her grandparents were William and Mary E. (Haynes) Chism, great grandparents were John and Rachael (Skeen) Chism and great, great grandparents were William and Sarrah W. Chism.

Mary O. Chism

1881 – 1964

Mary Olive (Tim) was the wife of #1.A.(4)Charles Adam Chism.  They had three children.

1.A.(4.a.)Charles William (Billy): born Nov. 26, 1917, is buried in the next grave.

1.A.(4.b)Marian Hatibel: born July 31, 1919.  She married Harold Haven in 1953.

1.A.(4.c)Chester Thomas (Tom) is buried in the next row.

Tim married Charlie on Feb. 15, 1917.  Her daughter, Marian Haven, wrote the following for Christy Chism Coates in December of 2010.

“Mary Olive Kidd was born July 23, 1881, in Virden, IL, to Simon James and Martha Emma Evans Kidd.  She was 2 months premature and weighed 3 lbs.  They put her in a shoe box.  She was the fourth of six children and the second girl.  She had 4 brothers.  Her siblings were William, Hattie, Albert, Dick and Elmer.  She went to high school.  I’m not sure how long.  She had studied hat making.  Her sister, Hattie, had married William Henry Dews who was 19 years her senior.  He was a friend of Rollin Duckels who had married Hattie’s friend.  William Dews was on crutches.  I’m not sure what caused his problems.  Mother visited her sister quite often and when her sister died following the birth of her second son when he was 8 days old and also leaving a 7 year old boy Mother went to live with the family and stayed with them 17 years when the oldest boy, Dale, got married 4 days before my parents married Feb 15, 1917.  William the younger boy was in college.  I think Mother took an active part in the social life in town.  She had her 3 children in 3 1/2 years and was very busy with them.  She always sewed and crocheted.  She made clothes for we 3 children and I remember she made my father’s work shirts.  In later years she was always making something.  She made quilts and some she quilted on the machine.  She crocheted some rugs.  She always canned a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I’m sure her life was very different after she was married and had 3 children, one of whom was handicapped.  She didn’t get to many events.”

She is sixteen in the picture below on the left and in her 50’s in the picture on the right.  Her eldest son, Billy, is with her.

Mary & Billy

BillyCharles William Chism

1917 – 1952

Billy was handicapped.

Charles Adam Chism

1875 – 1947

1.A/(4.)Charles was the son of William and Mary E. (Haynes) Chism.  They are buried in the first row farthest to the east.  Charles is the second to the right in the back row of the goat cart picture.  His grandparents were John and Rachele (Skeen) Chism and His great grandparents were William and Sarrah W. Chism.


Wife of Arthur R.


& Dau. Of Wm & Mary


Sept. 17, 1882

July 27, 1905

1.A.(6)Nellie is a daughter of William and Mary Chism and a sister to Charles.


C. Augusta

Wife of J.F. Chism

Born Dec. 13, 1871

Died June 6, 1893

We will meet again.


J.F. Chism

1869 – 1956

1.A.(1.)J. French married Augusta (Hall).  Their only child was Anita.  French is the oldest son of William and Mary Haynes Chism and a brother to Nellie.  (See the goat cart picture.)


Anita Chism

May 23, 1893

April 7, 1984

1.A.(1.a.) Anita was given her own stone even though there was a marking on her parent’s stone.

This picture is of Anita with her aunt Nellie, who later became Mrs. Arthur Rich.


This completes the fifth row of the Chism Cemetery.

Sixth Row

The only stone in the 6th row is 1.A.(4.c.) Chester Thomas Chism.  The cemetery is on his grandson, Christopher Dennis Jordan’s, farm.  Tom was born May 18, 1921 and died Apr. 25, 1998.  He married Marjory Jacquelyn Duckels on December 25, 1946.

Marjory Chism

February 29, 1920

November 15, 2012

Chester Thomas Chism

May 18, 1921


Tom and Marjory had three children together but also raised Michael Bernard Sonksin. (Marjory’s son from a previous marriage.) Mick’s name was legally changed to Chism when he was 18.

Mick married Norma Jean Sumpter, had Kevin and Connie.

John (Jack) Richard, married Susan Bourn, had Virginia, Elizabeth, Katherine, and Mary.

Rosemary Anne, married Dennis Jeffry Jordan, had Jacquelyne Michelle and Christopher Dennis.

Christine Louise, married Charles Coates, had Fadra, Olivia, and Marjory.Tom Chism 4

Nine-yr. old Mickey is standing next to his mom, Marjory, who is holding baby Rosemary.  Next to them is Jack who is held by Tom.  Christy was born almost 12 years later.Tom Chism Family696

Back row left, Mick Chism, Dennis Jordan, Chuck Coates, Christy Chism Coates, Jack Chism.  Center: Rosemary Chism Jordan, Marian Chism Haven, Susan Bourne Chism, Bottom Row: Tom Chism and Marjory Duckels Chism.

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  1. Pam Miller says:

    Great photos and logical arrangement of genealogy, Rosemary. What a keepsake!

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