Believe Beyond Reason

I belong to a Writer’s Guild.  Each time we meet we are given three challenge words or phrases to use in writing.  Our challenge words due February 15, 2014, were meadow, believe beyond reason,  and satisfied.

So, I wrote about Angels.

I think about angels quite often.  Just to say the word “angels” almost causes our mouths to smile.   The Bible refers to Angels both in old and new testament and in many situations.  One of the temptations the devil threw at Jesus was to jump from a high place and let God send Angels to protect Jesus. Angels delivered messages to Mary and to Joseph.

When we drive on these icy roads we take proper precautions, but idiots are among us and still we reach our destinations safely.  I believe one of the reasons is because Angels do protect us.  I don’t know why we have accidents, but I believe it could be a lot worse if Angels were not with us.  Some may think this is “belief beyond reason.”  I think if we identified the acts of Angels we would find belief in them more reasonable.

I’ve been blessed to be able to stay in during most of this bad weather.  Of course, I’m several pounds heavier, so now I need to diet and exercise even more.  That is not a blessing. But God did allow me to be satisfied to stay in my home during the cold and snowy winter.  Thinking about the pleasant comradery of this group is all that got me out of my home this morning.

Pleasant things are much more relaxing to think about.  We can visualize a warm meadow with pretty little buttercups blooming.  My meadows are always full of cow patties, flies and mosquitos along with the flowers.  Why is that? But then – that is life.  Angels are with us to help us enjoy the meadows and protect us from the things that attack us in our meadows.

While I may realize God sent an Angel to protect me in a particular situation, I seldom remember for very long.  I seldom think about how God sent an Angel to enrich my life when something nice happens. I  only think about an Angels intervention when I was able to avoid a bad thing. My memory is what is not reasonable, not my belief in Angels.

Don’t tell me to write down when good or bad things happen so I will remember because I won’t remember to write things down. A good memory is not a gift God has given me. But that might make something else to write about.

I pray that God will send His angels to protect each of us in our travels today.

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