I belong to a Writer’s Guild.  We meet every other week and share our writing.  We also like to take three challenge words or phrases and write a little something.  When I wrote this our challenge words included “Serendipity”.

One often associates serendipity with the younger generation.  When do decisions change from serendipitous to wise decisions? In 1988 my dad had an opportunity to buy some farm ground he had rented for many years.  At 67 he decided he didn’t want the debt, but saw the opportunity. He called and asked us if we wanted to exercise his option to buy it or any part of it.  My husband and I lived a hundred miles away, but chose to take the necessary steps to own the properties.

a hay field

a hay field

This serendipitous step changed our whole family’s life. It wasn’t long before we realized what a wise decision we had made.  In 1988 we only knew we had a good job and could afford to buy the ground.  We knew we could hire family who lived near the land to farm it. We knew we would then have a place to cut fire wood for our fire places.  We knew we would then have a place to hike and garden or just enjoy whenever we could spend a weekend “up at the farm.”

As we look back at those years, I smile.  But, at the time, we spent sleepless nights over the decision to buy farm ground for as much as $500 per acre. (A huge price at the time.) Who knew that in five years my husband’s job would end?  Who knew that we would face our children’s college years unemployed?  Who knew that my dad would discover he had cancer and soon lose his ability to work?  Who knew that property values in our then current home town would go up and our home would sell six weeks after we listed it?

Serendipity?  I don’t think so.  God knew.  He knew my husband’s job was going to end.  God knew my dad was going to have cancer and Mom was going to need us to be closer.  God knew all the steps and changes our lives had to take and was there with us. We may not have had the faith to sleep each night, each step of the way, but God knew.  Looking back, we can see the wisdom.  But when we lived it, it was just serendipity.

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