And Now They are Gone!

So I’m sitting at my desk doing book work, writing, filing and who knows what else and I glance out my window. The windows gives me a view of a deep valley with empty brown corn fields and eventually Hodges Creek bottom that runs another mile of two to empty into Macoupin Creek. Near to my house we left as many trees as we could when we bulldozed the opening to build the house on the top of this hill. A few of the trees have died, just as the forester said they would, but most are standing. It has been over 20 years now, so I guess we can stop taking the blame for trees dying now.

The birds and animals I see from my window change as seasons change and our view closes in so all we see through the budding trees is the muddy grey of flood waters in the bottom, then the green of the leaves, grass and fields with the occasional peek at the blue sky. Latter the view all turns red, yellow and orange and now, we have brown, but we can see the sun rises and the sun sets and the great distance with no other houses and just nature.

Today, I see little Grey Squirrels hopping around. Next time I glance out the window I see the little bit bigger Red Squirrels scurrying from place to place digging in the leaves. Next time I glanced out my window I see a flock of robins! It is January and I’m told it isn’t unusual to see the occasional robin in this area in the winter. I was born and raised here and seldom see them, but, okay, if the experts say so. But do they mean an entire flock of robins when the temperature has been below freezing for the last couple of weeks and it dipped down to below freezing last night? Granted it warmed up to the upper 30’s yesterday and is expected to go up to the low 40’s today, but a flock of robins?

I have seen blue jays, cardinals, juncos, finches, purple finches (maybe house finches – I don’t know), and a lot of sparrows. We have nuthatch, Black-capped Chickadee and Titmice all winter at the feeder. I see little Downy woodpecker, other woodpeckers and, last spring, I saw a Pileated Woodpecker a few times! Last year we even had an Eagle hang around the pasture east of our house for a while.

Before long I expect to see the Great Blue Herons soring over their rookery.  The rookery is so isolated it is a out of my view from this window, but the giant birds fly along the creek and to the ponds near our home.

But today we have much smaller birds flying through. We have Carolina Wren’s that make nests here almost every year. I love their perky little tails that stick up in the air as they land on the rail of the deck or a branch. They chatter and put on such a feisty act, but they are all talk. Most years one tries to build a nest in a hanging basket and then flies out at me when I water the plant. Anyway, I was surprised to look up and see one fluttering around with the robins.

The next time I look out my window it is nearly noon,  and all the birds seem to be gone; everything is quiet except for the Red Squirrels galloping across the grass and leaves. Their tails are lovely and fully bushy as they chase each other up and down the trees. I wonder if they are looking for nuts or if they have another proposal in mind.

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